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VR Bumper Car Experiences

For the first time, guests will not only walk around in a virtual world, but also drive their own fantastic vehicle! This ground breaking attraction brings immersive multiplayer gaming to a totally new level. Through our partnership with I.E Park, we are proud to offer full turn-key VR Bumper car solutions, as well as comprehensive upgrade packages. Delight guests with a new attraction or enhance your existing Bumper Car set up - either way VR Bumper Cars are guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Cyber Blaster

Cyber Blaster is a fast paced 3-minute Bumper Car VR thrill experience which combines a classic Bumper Car with arcade-like shooter elements and an engaging story. The experience takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk simulation where players take the roles of members of an Anti-virus Squad, equipped with the latest hover car technology. The drivers must speed through the simulated world and defend against a virtual computer virus.

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